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We assess the readiness of your company to successfully operate in the digital economy

Identify the maturity of your digital culture and the level of digital competencies of your employees and learn about areas for improvement

From intuitive on-line questionnaires for employees

I4F solutions are 24/7/365 multidimensional solutions, which means that you can implement them online anytime and anywhere, and in this regard you can immediately obtain a comprehensive report on the state of development of the assessed areas, as well as recommendations for their further development. In this way, you can accurately gain a comprehensive and in-depth insight into your strengths and barriers to successful business transformation and operation in the digital economy.

… to reports that are trusted by management

The report on the analysis of modern organizational culture and digital capabilities contains: key indicators of organizational culture for digital economy (eg DEEP index, Customer focus) and successful operation of your organization in the future (eg I4F potential index, Manifesto Multiplier), in-depth analytical insights into the current situation, multidimensional insights related to this situation (eg what is the prevailing organizational culture in terms of employee engagement in your organization, etc.), operational recommendations for progress and key recommendations for successfully operating in the digital economy and in the future. The report of the assessment of digital competencies according to the individual business role provides a thourough assessment of the development of individual competencies for the digital economy. In doing so, we enable you to conduct your own self-assessment of the development of key digital competencies (according to the selected business role) or the possibility of multi-level assessment, where other key stakeholders – assessors (eg superiors, employees, subordinates, business partners, customers, etc.) give you an assessment of the development of your competencies.

Our pledge

We have prepared professional multidimensional assessments for the digital competencies and organizational culture in the digital economy as well as digital competencies. These represent the most important foundation of a successful digital business transformation, confirmed by numerous international research papers on practices of most successful international companies.

Why choose the I4F solution?

Organizations must always focus on the development of their business operation to be competitive. Until recently, they were able to develop internally using their own business plans, but this has significantly changed in the digital economy.

What do we provide?

Organizations and individuals can use the I4F solution for a professional multidimensional assessment and analysis of their competencies which enables them to successfully transition into the future of business, which is currently represented by the digital economy.

How does it work?

I4F solutions are 24/7/365 multidimensional solutions which means you can always access them online to immediately acquire a comprehensive report on the development state of the evaluated areas as well as recommendations for their further development.

Who is it for?

Agile, collaborative, innovative and customer-focused individuals and organizations are the most successful in today’s business environment. This is why our solutions are meant for so called leaders – everyone with a future focused outlook who focuses on the systematic approach to the development of potential of organizations as well as individuals within them.