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We want to be the inspiration for your successful business future!

We have prepared professional multidimensional assessments for your digital competencies, organizational culture in the digital economy and digital competencies. These represent the most important foundation of a successful digital business transformation, confirmed by numerous international research papers on practices of most successful international companies.

Based on many years of experience and knowledge of our interdisciplinary team of experts, we have prepared the right questions which will encourage you to permanently strengthen your (digital) business preparedness.

Based on I4F multidimensional assessments, you will get a comprehensive professional analysis report which provides:

  • An assessment of healthy foundations of the modern organizational culture.
  • An assessment of the level of development of digital capabilities that can answer whether you are suitable competent for business in the digital economy.
  • Insights into the level of your preparedness for a successful digital business transformation including recommendations on improvements before starting it.
  • Disclosing the power of the drivers and the blockers of your digital business transformation. The faster you’re able to implement the transformation, the sooner you’ll be able to benefit from it and release your resources for future initiatives.
  • Insights into the elements of your organizational culture which accelerate and inhibit the motivation of your employees and provide additional support for strengthening your customer focus.
  • Monitoring the constant advancement of the development of a modern organizational culture – insights into the successful progress through multiple periods.
  • Insights into digital competencies of key business roles for a digital business transformation since the assessments check whether the employees in these roles have suitable knowledge and business behaviors which is the foundation for their plan to further improve their preparedness.
  • • Preparedness for future business, since they do not only evaluate digital capabilities but also include most advanced capabilities of developing your organization in the post digital economy.